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Hair extensions for short hair: Instant Length, Volume and Thickness.

The additional extension hair adds length and thickness to natural human hair and is also known as artificial hair integrations. Extensions, which incorporate additional human hair or synthetic hair, can either be glued, sewed or clipped onto natural hair. Although most extensions are 100% human hair, it doesn’t mean they are all limited to this particular kind. Synthetic extensions do not contain human hair and are manufactured from various synthetic or blended fibres. They are a lot cheaper to buy and don’t last as long as real human hair so we always recommend going for 100% human hair extensions. Human hair, on the other hand, is just like it sounds, purely 100% human with no additives and is sourced from a donor. We only use Beauty Works 100% human hair at Box Office Hair.

Which hair extension should you buy?

There are several different hair extension types on the market. Extensions, which incorporate additional human hair or synthetic hair, can either be glued, sewed or clipped onto natural hair. They can be similar in length and are known to be permanent or semi-permanent. There are also wigs and clip-ins. We believe extensions are great for different hair lengths and we always recommend extensions for natural-looking styles. Natural extensions will only work with short and medium hair and can be tucked behind the ear and used in any style. Wigs are much more versatile and can be used on most hair lengths as they are made from a softer material and can be styled. Clip-ins or clips can be used on all hair lengths.
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Which extensions good for you ?

Hair extensions help to give your hair some volume and length without damaging your natural hair. They also help to elongate your hair and bring your hair to a desired length that suits you. This not only helps you to give your hair a style, but also allows you to have longer hair for that beach/pool holiday or for school. Expert Tip: Get extensions for you and make it a fun experience for you and your daughter! Ask them which ones they would love to have and make it a day out. You get the hair extensions for you and your daughter to enjoy an experience together and they will enjoy that it is someone else’s hair in their hair instead of their own. How long does hair need to be to have extensions? You can have extensions no longer than 4-6 inches, depending on the desired length.

Why are extensions bad for hair?

The human hair that is added is added length only. In comparison to natural hair, extensions only add about an inch, sometimes less, to your total length. This can take some getting used to but it is worth it in the end. Extensions are temporary in nature. They only allow you to add an inch and won’t be as versatile as natural hair once you shave your head or have your hair cut short. Extensions are permanent in nature, adding length and volume as your hair grows. Natural hair and extensions are not interchangeable. It's the difference between fake hair and real hair; it's the difference between fake eyelashes and real eyelashes; it’s the difference between fake nails and real nails.

How to install hair extensions?

A section of your hair is normally the best to insert a wig of hair extensions. Your natural hair will grow out the length and thickness of the extensions after they have been removed. We recommend extensions for every texture and colour you have. Extensions are generally recommended for hair texture types such as thick, fine, kinky and straight hair. You may also opt for extensions for the natural hair colour of your choice, which would be your dark brown to black hair. However, if you have medium length hair, you may opt for hair extensions that are made for shorter hair such as those made for slightly shorter hair or those that go past your jawline. As per celebrity hair extensions, there is a certain length that every hair should reach before they look natural.

How to keep hair extensions looking good?

Proper care of your extensions is very important. It is important to keep them as clean and as protective as possible. This is one of the few areas where our hair extensions are different. Our Hair Extensions are specifically designed with a core that helps maintain the integrity of the extensions. Other companies’ hair extensions are very difficult to maintain, we even have higher standards with all of our hair extensions. This means that you are getting a superior product. Our professional team are also always on hand to answer any questions you may have. Top 3 Things to Look for when choosing natural hair extensions THE CORE IS WELL MADE WITH A COPPER SOLUTION. Copper is very beneficial to your natural hair.


The ideal way to have long hair, volume and thickness is to have your hair be 100% human hair with no fillers or chemicals. Humans are born with naturally long, thick hair that is a lot easier to maintain than short hair that takes years to grow out. You can have shorter hair with hair extensions or natural human hair, but you will never have long, thick hair with either, as they just aren’t as durable as it will just grow out and get thinner and thinner.

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